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    July 2024

DeGeekIT TuneUp

Two Laptops after a DeGeekIT TuneUp - Running like new

Save your time and money with DeGeekIT TuneUp. Revive your flagging laptop. Get ready for going back to school, college or university.
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Social Networking and Internet Safety


The sheer number of different social networking platforms that emerge each year is difficult for even the most seasoned techie to keep up with.  Teenagers catch on to the new ones particularly fast, but aren’t always aware of the unique risks of each service.  Even if parents don’t use social media themselves, it’s wise to know what is out there so you can have open conversations with your children about them.  We can talk you through everything from the “old” big networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, right up to the present day favourites like Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope, Vine, YouNow, YikYak and more.
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WiFi and Broadband Optimisation

WiFi Router with 2.4GHz and 5GHz signal

Getting a good broadband connection can be a challenge.  Choosing the best provider can be confusing in itself.  Propagating that internet connection around your house with a good WiFi configuration adds another level of complexity.  If you need help to get the most out of your WiFi or Broadband Internet connection, ask if DeGeekIT can help!
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Setup and Configuration

Device Setup and Configuration for Christmas

Don’t struggle with user guides and complicated setup routines. Ask DeGeekIT to help guide you through the setup of a new or handed down computer, smart phone or games console.


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Help with your computer


Over time, computers get cluttered and slower.  We can advise you on what can be done to keep your machine in tip top condition and what can be done when its past its best before date.

We can also help with security issues such as virus infections.  If you do suspect that your machine is infected, please don’t wait to call.  It can be crucial to act quickly to prevent loss of data.  Leave the machine on and, if possible, disconnect it from the internet, then call us.  We’ll do everything possible to get you out of trouble quickly.
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Photo and video management advice


In the not so distant past, we all took a small amount of photos, getting them processed every now and again and had them stored somewhere in our house.  Today, almost everybody has got an amazing camera in their pocket on their smartphone and as a result, we take endless photos of our families and friends.  The down side is that before long, we’ve got “memory full” messages on our phone, and nowhere to put the photos.  Worse still, if our phones get lost or broken, we can lose so many important memories.  We can walk you through getting photos off your phone, backed up or printed out, so you never lose them again.
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Microsoft Office Tutorials


Are you struggling to use Microsoft Office? Whether you are a running a small business, have entered further education as an adult, or have started a new job… this might be for you.  Get personalised “Grinds for Grown Ups” on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook. Patient, focused tutorials in your own home, teaching you only what you want to learn, at your on pace!
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Keeping in touch – Video and Audio messaging


In Ireland perhaps more so than any country, our families and friends tend to spread out around the world.  International phone calls cost a fortune, yet these days its likely that we can all communicate face to face for free.  Parents with young adult children, Grandparents with their emigrated grandchildren, and just old school friends that have taken flight to the other side of the world.  We can help you pick the best free communication method to keep in touch reliably using tools like FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google hangouts and Google Duo and many more.
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Email and Contact Management


Sometimes your email box become impossible to manage.  Your important contacts are on your phone, but what if you lose it? You can’t see the wood for the trees.  Thousands of “unread” messages prevent you from seeing what you need to see.  We can advise you on how to get on top of your email so you can focus on what’s important to you.
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What are the benefits of Home Technology Education?

These days we all walk around with a computer in our pocket that’s many times more powerful than those that ran the space shuttle. It enables us to keep in touch with our friends and family, capture important life moments, and keeps us organised.

Unfortunately, to many people it’s often overwhelming and we find ourselves in a situation where we use only the basic functions of the gadget, our kids seem to know more about it than we do (albeit often not understanding the risks), and we find ourselves cursing the complexity of it all.

DeGeekIT’s Home Technology Help aims to help you learn how to get the most out of your tech. We’re not looking just to “fix it” for you, but to help you understand what’s going on so that you can feel comfortable using it. Whether it be making sure that your contacts and photos are backed up, or just making sure that you understand what your teenager is using, we aim to make sure that you don’t feel lost.

Meet James


Here what our customers have said about DeGeekIT!

"I cannot recommend James and DeGeekIT's services highly enough. During the COVID lockdown he patiently and diligently talked me through our Broadband connectivity issues. We are not connected to broadband via Fibre as our address is rural. On the far side of James's assistance we changed Broadband supplier and we now have a stable and strong broadband signal. Thank you James"
Anthony Culleyvia DeGeekIT.ie
"5/5 James was very patient and thorough, made sure that I understood what he was doing to my laptop and showed me how to fix the issue if it were to ever occur again. "
Ewan Drummondvia email
"I found James extremely helpful, knowledgeable, patient and efficient. He resolved several issues on a ten year old Apple desktop for me.I would thoroughly recommend him. Noel Byrne."
Noel Byrnevia Messenger
Can I just give a shout out to DeGeeklT for the wonderful service and advice with our Broadband issues. Who would've thought getting a new cupboard would block the access to high speed. James you are so prompt with your response to my text. If anyone ever needs advice or a service look up this company, they are definitely the best.
Breda Eiffevia Facebook
"James has just worked miracles on my laptop, cleaned it up, removed a number of virus threats (one very serious), updated it and restored it to the level of performance it had when I bought it over six years ago. I had been thinking of a new one but it is working perfectly again now. His charges are also very fair and reasonable. I would have no hesitation in recommending him, if you have a computer problem or want one set up. ?"
Robert Wallacevia Facebook
"James offers a super efficient friendly home visit service that I will recommend to anyone having computer issues and needs to learn how to manage PC's correctly. I learned so much from him regarding safety which will help protect me personally and my pc. Thank you so much James, my PC is doing what it should now thanks to your perseverance and patience both the PC and me!"
Geraldine Byrne Whelanvia Facebook
"I recently asked James to come look at my WiFi and WiFi extender (TP Link) as we were having problems. James worked his magic and our Wifi is working better than ever all through the house. James also took away some laptops to TuneUp or to make safe to pass on to charity. He has mine working like new, he brought another laptop back to life from being totally unusable as a result of a vicious virus and the other has had all data erased so I am happy to pass it on to the charity Camara in the knowledge that my data is irretrievable. He helped me with many other issues too, far too many to mention. Cannot speak highly enough of James, not only does he get the job done but he is very pleasant to deal with too. Highly recommend."
Doreen Quirkevia Facebook
"I needed to buy a laptop for a 12 year old & really had no clue about what he would need. I had seen a couple in the large PC shops that were priced around the €400/500 mark. I asked James to compare a few for me & thank goodness I did! The ones I had thought were a great buy were not in fact for a 12+ year old's requirements. James painstakingly researched laptops for me & finally found a Dell laptop that will be perfect for now and a few years to come too. Yes it cost a few euro more but it's streets ahead of the deals I had looked at. So I can't thank James enough - he was extremely patient, helpful and so informative, no question was a 'stupid' one! For anyone who is clueless about laptops etc & at risk of a bad buy like I was, please look no further than DeGeekIT. I'm delighted I did!"
Valerie O’Sullivanvia Facebook
"James is a mind full of amazing technical knowledge. He offers an expert, efficient service with wonderful patience. Over the last number of days James has literally brought an old laptop back to life which will be great for my daughter's school work. He has made my own business laptop more efficient and also assisted and trained me on getting the most out of my website and updating it myself. lt's so hard to find someone who is knowledgeable on both software and hardware aspects of tedchnology and will give you the time needed to understand it. Can't recommend DeGeekIT enough"
Marina O’Callaghanvia Facebook
"Can't recommend this service enough. I've no doubt that James' expertise and knowledge can solve any techie problem, no matter how big or small, accompanied with independent, impartial advice."
Sheena Faganvia Facebook
"James of Degeekit was recommended to me by my sister who had a phone stolen and with it lost hundreds of family photographs that she had not backed up - she drafted James in to set up her phone and PC so that she would never lose a picture again. For months I had intended to do something about my tech mess (to name just one - a full to bursting mobile phone and PC - I was constantly getting pop ups about my lack of storage) but it was only when I was switching phone from iphone to Huawei that my hand was forced to draft it outside help, as work wise I couldn’t risk losing information when moving to a new operating system. These things seem simple at first glance but never are in reality! I also had a shocking 9 thousand photographs that needed to be backed up! James helped me move effortlessly to the new system and fixed lots of other ‘niggly’ bits along the way. I also have a small baby and now am safe in the knowledge that any photos I take of him are protected from ever being lost. Highly recommend this service."
Gillian Hynesvia Facebook
"James is always so helpful and he’s very thorough. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend calling him if you’ve ever got a problem. 5 ⭐️"
Janie Hayesvia Facebook
"Following a renovation to our house we were having big problems reconnecting to our Broadband / Wifi etc. I contacted James, who replied almost instantaneously, and we arranged for him to call to us the next day. I can't recommend James and DeGeekIt highly enough. He got everything from the router, the WiFi, the printers and the Sky boxes, working in unison making life in a household with two teenagers more harmonious. I would definitely recommend James and DeGeekIt."
Avril Wattersvia Facebook
"Thanks to James advise and help from DeGeekIt i was able to share internet from one modem to a second house 90 yards away and also out to a farm office saving me having to pay for multiple internet packages, all at a fraction of the price i expected. He also gave great advice on computer software and safety. I couldn't have been happy with his service and he is an absolute gentleman"
Darach Geraghtyvia Google
“James has been solving our computer problems since I met him a couple of years ago. Through his help and teaching we are almost self sufficient."
Task Equipment Ltd.
Stuart WatersTask Equipment Ltd.
"Highly recommend this service Thank you James Blackwell for taking the time to explain everything to a non tech person"
Caroline Goonanvia Facebook
"James from DeGeekIT's expertise and knowledge in regards to Internet setup, security and network optimisation is second to none. During his on-site consultancy today; he demonstrated the depth of his experience by offering excellent recommendations in regards to phone backup, photo management, WIFI improvement, and email management."
Charlie Weijervia Facebook
“James, Thanks so much for all your help over the last year. It made everything so much easier and simpler. Will definitely be in touch if more problems happen in the future. Would definitely recommend your business and will spread the word. Good luck for your future business."
Jackie O’BrienFunky Goddess - First Period Gift-Boxes for Girls
“James has helped me with setting up group meetings with very clear instructions in a simple step by step manner and repeating the instructions wherever necessary. His levels of patience and good nature were endless. I am confident to attempt it myself now but feel very secure that I have James as a back up if I need him."
SOUND - Sufferers Of Unique Narcolepsy Disorder
Michelle ByrneSOUND
James at DeGeekIT is one of the most knowledgeable and patient people I know. You'll be in great hands with all things from learning the how-tos to fixing complex problems.
Stefan Osthausexperience5 GmbH

Ready to get the most out of your technology?

Welcome to DeGeekIT. We’re a home operated business, generally available between 10:00 am and 8:30 pm, you’re welcome to pop round, just give me a bit of notice before hand. I’ll try to fit around your schedule. I am located in Ratoath and whenever possible will be here 7 days a week to help you work through any technical challenges. I can also visit you in your home if you book an appointment using the booking tool (the calendar) above. If you’re not comfortable filling out the online booking, you can always call me on 086 3804373.

James Blackwell

James Blackwell

DeGeekIT Founder

I launched DeGeekIT after 20 years of helping individuals and companies around the world to get the most out of their technology.  Starting back in 1996 in a Technical Support role, I realised that helping people, not just to fix problems, but understand how to best use their technology, was more than just a job or a hobby… It was a passion.

In 2011, I had to leave my role as a Director of Support in a multinational Internet Security company because my 5 year old son had developed Narcolepsy. Since then I’ve been a stay at home dad and carer, doing part time Web Analytics consulting when time allowed.

It was during this past 5 years, that I realised just how many people owned smart phones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs and other devices, but weren’t comfortable with many of the features.  Fabulous family photos remained stuck on their phones until the dreaded “memory full” messages showed up.  Computers were virus riddled and unnecessarily slow, email problems caused stress and small business owners struggled with spreadsheets and word processors.  Arguably worse than that, parents and grandparents couldn’t keep up with the technology that their children and teenagers were using.  Those young people were so comfortable with the latest communication technology, but weren’t always aware of the risks.

These challenges seemed almost universal, and so I launched DeGeekIT (dee – geek – it), not to fix computers like any old techie shop, but to educate technology owners so that they feel comfortable with what they own and can make the most use of it.

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We run DeGeekIT from our home in Ratoath. If you prefer to visit me, please give me a call on 086 380 4373, or book an appointment. Typically I’ll be available between 10am and 8:30pm.

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