Dust Heat – Warm and Cosy, but not not good for computers.

Computer performance can be affected by so many factors, but one that you don’t hear about so often is simple dust heat!

Dust heats up and slows down computers

If you ever stop to listen to your desktop computer or laptop, you’ll usually hear a quiet fan or two whirring away. You may also notice that they’re quite a bit noisier than they were when you bought the computer.

Why do computers have fans?

Computers have fans to provide heat dissipation from components in the machine that would otherwise get too hot. When a component overheats, it slows down or sometimes burns out. The fans either blow cool air into the machine, or more often, suck heat out of the machine. In a well-built machine, all open air vents and fans are covered with filters.

Because of the constant air flow, they act like vacuum cleaners and clog up with dust. Once clogged, the machine gets less air flow and gets hotter inside. This slows it down and increases the risk of damage to a component. Inevitably, some dust gets inside the machine and if you’ve got pets… dog and cat hair can be regular battle, damaging fans or stopping them spinning efficiently.

So what do I do to prevent my computer overheating?

Monitoring temperatures for heat problems

Prevention is always better than cure. Keep your computer in a clean and relatively dust free location. Gently clean with a vacuum cleaner around the air vents (with the cleaner on a low power setting if possible). Filters can often be removed and washed or replaced.

Be very careful if you decide to clean inside the machine. Static electricity on your body, cleaning cloth or vacuum can easily fry many of the chips in your computer. Always earth yourself or get someone to do the job who is comfortable with the inner workings of a computer.

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