Cleaning up a computer and preventing unnecessary applications from running.

Cleaning up a computer

At the very start of this article I mention that it’s not really age that makes a computer slow.  More than anything it is a build up of files and applications that are stored or run unnecessarily.  You could think of these files as “digital dust”. There are no shortage of cleaning up utilities available to download online so I won’t re-write what so many others have done justice to.  However, do make sure you use reputable apps.  Windows 10 does a fairly good job of keeping itself clean and tidy, but there are many things that you can look out for yourself such as:

  • Clearing browser caches
  • Deleting temporary files
  • Preventing unnecessary start-up applications from loading
  • Scanning a Hard Disk for errors and Defragging.

If these basic steps still leave you unhappy with your computer speed, then the chances are that something slightly more serious is impeding its performance.

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  1. Computer slow down over time? Why does it happen?
  2. CPU (Central Processing Unit) and Motherboard… The Brain and Central Nervous System.
  3. Memory (RAM)
  4. Hard Disks
  5. Graphics Cards
  6. Network, WiFi, Internet Connection
  7. Heat and Dust
  8. Cleaning up a computer and preventing unnecessary applications from running.